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Тамблеееер, что ты творишь?!! АХХАХАХА


Guys, seriously: as a fandom, we need to come together and agree not to leak things like this. I mean, home video of Martin Freeman taking a bath? That’s fucking sick, you guys. Respect his privacy. I expect better of you, Sherlockians.


Yeah I hate to be the killjoy here, but the man is just trying to have a bath in peace. It’s obviously already a struggle for him as it is, seeing as he’s too short to reach the taps, so please stop reblogging this. His BAFTA doesn’t give him this shit.


I know I should respect his privacy, but LOOK at him. Martin Freeman in the tub. If he didn’t want it to get out, he shouldn’t have made it. Sorry, but that’s my opinion and I stand by it.


I’m sorry fandom, this is taking things to the next level. Celebrities are people too. We should respect his privacy. Whoever posted this makes me sick

И самый шик:

Guys… that’s a hedgehog.



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